Impact tests

NameTester und ClaimTester

Not at all unusual: after an intense name development process, a few favorites remain, and you find yourself spoilt for choice. Time is running out, and so is your budget. What now?

In critical situations like these, the key is fast and pragmatic feedback from the target group. For this purpose, Endmark offers the Name and ClaimTester – a standardized and individually adaptable online tool we’ve developed in cooperation with the international market research institute YouGov.

The NameTester and ClaimTester lets you compare names in terms of:

  • memorability and quotability
  • image
  • connection to characteristics
  • associations and message transmitted
  • brand trust
  • product and industry suitability

Strategically valuable information is available within several days. Long-term clients of ours such as Chevrolet, Commerzbank and E.ON all rely on this efficient service.

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