Creativity: Naming imagination meets brand strategy

To be a brand means to be different. We develop names that set your brand apart in a positive way. Endmark’s international and interdisciplinary creative teams develop names and claims that resonate worldwide.


Corporate Language

Your corporate and product language is a brand promise!

It shapes the image – positively as well as negatively – and is part of your strategic brand management. It starts with individual names and spreads through all materials, presentations and discussions – online as well as offline.
Language that follows precise rules and pays attention to the brand core values strengthens its identity.

Endmark defines and designs the frame of your product and corporate language. Whether it’s ad texts, catalogue descriptions or telephone information services – we develop the linguistic theme that defines your brand.


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Slogan development

Take position.

Good slogans put you in position – bad ones just take up space. In the long run, a good slogan anchors your brand in the target group’s consciousness. It highlights the brand values and, ideally, makes people eagerly quote your message in all sorts of day-to-day situations.

Without a doubt, the development of coherent slogans is the supreme discipline within naming marketing. In order to optimize the slogan development empirically, Endmark has been focusing for years now on the empirical impact and intelligibility of slogans on the population. The latest study further addresses brand-industry-allocation, the connection between age and language comprehension, as well as language-specific factors that can strengthen a brand.


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Naming systems

Naming systems are not an end in themselves.

Mission accomplished: your product portfolio is growing and constantly evolving, your services are being expanded and maybe you’re even acquiring other businesses and products.

Problem: the emergence of a heterogenous array of names with no recognizable classification or structure within your brand architecture or product portfolio.

Solution: the systematic revision of your brand names and the development of a consistent naming system.

New names are then developed based on your strategic goal. These names are messengers of the corporate positioning, help both employees and customers differentiate between products and, ideally, provide information about quality levels or special product features.

Naming rules: using a small number of precise rules results in structured, efficient naming processes and simpler internal processes.


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Name development

Good brand names don’t follow trends. They set them.

Sometimes they even lead to the start of an era. The VOX channel in Germany, for example, popularized the use of expressive media brand names. Until they came along, most channels were simply known by acronyms like RTL, ARD, ZDF and so on. Today, many broadcasters prefer to emulate the VOX concept.

Many of the approximately 1,700 brand names (reference excerpt) developed over the years by ENDMARK can still be found all around us – in supermarkets, on the street, in our living rooms. They fascinate us, they make statements, and they allow us to experience products and services through all our senses.

Whether you’re creating a new brand or renaming an old one, you can count on our long-standing cross-industry experience.


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