Brand language needs to be thought out carefully from A to Z.

Consistent communication calls for dedicated consulting. Endmark assists you with a goal-oriented and systematic approach to implementation. This could mean developing naming guidelines or providing linguistic consulting.

What linguistic-cultural challenges lie ahead for your brand? What is your message and how do you present your name(s) to your target group? Endmark develops individual linguistic migration strategies just for you.


Linguistic consulting

Consistent communication helps strengthen your brand. The contexts and lexical fields in which your brand interacts play an important role in the future-oriented growth and establishment of the brand core. With a new brand, it helps to have some guidance in the form of DOs and DON’Ts to ensure internally and externally uniform communication and identification.


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Migration strategies

In order to integrate a new brand into an existing portfolio in a profitable way, you need a rigorous linguistic and positioning-dependent strategy. The aim is to prevent the addition of a new brand from damaging existing brands and values within the brand portfolio.


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Naming guidelines

The manual for your brand

Even after we’ve helped you create your new brand, you can still count on us as for advice. With explicit naming guidelines, we can provide you with rules and recommendations for optimal use and sustainable development of future brand names and naming systems.


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