Which language does your brand speak?

We assess whether your brand language gets the right messages across, whether it offers differentiation within the competitive environment, speaks to the target group and provides orientation. We figure out individual possibilities for you to set yourself apart linguistically.

Endmark introduces cross-industry experience with brand and product language evaluation to every business. We perform a linguistic analysis of your brand, the competitive environment and the cultural brand environment. On this basis we develop your verbal positioning.


Corporate language

Your corporate and product language is a brand promise!

It shapes the image – positively and negatively– and is part of strategic brand management. It starts with single names and continues in all materials, presentations and on all conversation levels – both online and offline.

Language that follows precise rules and incorporates the core values of the brand serves to strengthen the brand’s identity.

Endmark puts your product and corporate language under the microscope. The Endmark TEXT INVENTORY identifies potential problems and compares brand claims and messages with regard to style, choice of words and tonality.


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Name-based competition

Brands have to be „different”.

The purpose of analyzing name-based competitors is to avoid naming strategies and terms already in use. This analytic point is not only essential in terms of content but also provides a sufficient legal distance to already existing trademarks within the business sector.


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Cultural brand environment

Brands have to be intelligible and relatable.

The phonetic and textual aspects of language function differently across cultures, which is why cultural factors need to be recognized and reconciled with the brand. Having native speakers analyze the cultural environment of the brand helps us to appropriately position the brand linguistically and ensure that the intended message is received in each cultural region.


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