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Mobility Brands for Daimler und Co.

SHARING IS CARING – the new drive of big motorists

The Group bundles its mobility services as a financial holding company under the newly developed name Daimler Mobility. These include car2go, moovel, and Ride4Hire. Daimler Mobility functions as an interface between the individual mobility units and the Daimler Group. Communicatively, the new brand name had to fulfil the need of naming the group affiliation on the one hand and, on the other hand, concisely state the expanded content focus of the new holding company. Strategic and unambiguous linguistic positioning was the top priority since services such as accounting, purchasing, and payment, as well as compliance played a role in branding as well.

Digitization and innovation in logistics

Endmark also developed the B2B brand LOGBIRD in the area of truck transport digitization. The service brand not only sets itself the goal of digitally dissolving expensive and avoidable paperwork, but also strives for easier communication and networking in logistics. Together with Daimler Trucks, BLG Logistics has taken on this problem and created LOGBIRD, a cloud-based solution that can map all the data from a logistical order using an app without expensive on-board hardware or truck conversions. The LOGBIRD brand picks up these brand values verbally by naming the digital logbook and symbolically expressing the ease of the entire system.