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Corporate Claim Development

KRÜGER Group’s core message is “Shaping the future of good taste” and perfectly communicates the company’s positioning in just six words.


This corporate claim not only defines a common language denominator, but above all formulated an entrepreneurial attitude. “Shaping the future,” means actively participating and taking a position in the industry. This mission statement does not only apply externally, it is also primarily practised internally by 13 companies and more than 4,000 employees.

...good taste

It is absolutely vital to combine all levels in terms of language because the companies in the group act heterogeneously in terms of content throughout the entire supply chain. Ultimately, an overall identification is created. That is why KRÜGER deliberately goes beyond the subject of food with “good taste.”
This slogan is used internationally by the group. It provides an excellent way to convey the core of KRÜGER Group to potential partners, customers, and existing stakeholders alike in a short and concise statement.